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[Verse 1]
Some people hate the Muslims
Some people hate the gyps
Some people have no problems
Picking on the nips
How would you like to be told about
The cocks your mother sucked?
It’s one great long brutal shout
“You and all your race, get fucked!”

[Verse 2]
Understanding, fine, I grant ya
But come on, let’s be frank
Got no time at all for another culture
In the line at the autobank
Inside of us, there is a lout
When civilisation’s crushed
Time has come to let him out
“You and all your race, get fucked!”

Don’t call me “nigga”, whitey
Don’t call me “whitey”, nigga

[Verse 3]
There’s nothing more to race relations
Than a bit of the old push and shove
Got no need at all for United Nations
When we’ve got death behind the pub
Black, white, yellow, we agree about
Why our hands are clutched
We wanna punch each other fucking out!
“You and all your race, get fucked!”

Well the Irish hate the Irish
And it’s Arab versus Jew
You’re cactus if you’re Kurdish
And by Christ, I’m sick of you

[Verse 4]
Well, there’s bullets to be sprayed about
Don’t call me “nigga”, whitey
Grenades to be chucked
Don’t call me “whitey”, nigga
Two of us left, so watch out
Don’t call me “nigga”, whitey
“You and all your race, get fucked!”
Don’t call me “whitey”, nigga

[Verse 5]
Don’t call me “nigga”, whitey
Don’t call me “wingnut”, gyppo
Don’t call me “faggot”, yobbo
Don’t call me “rapist”, lezzo
Call me “Harold”, call me “Ernest”
Just don’t call me late for breakfast


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