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Having a nice sized package and can deliver on time. Had to sleep my way to the top of my company.Had the chance to stay there for twenty some years, till I was let go. Then I got the itch to make pornagraphic movies. Things started opening up in different positions for me. Made a lot of money and new friends, now I sit on my very expensive couch and watch this site on my very big screen T.V. Sometimes I try in chat with the people on this site. A lot of uptight, bum bleaching,red necked,backward hillbillies non smarter then a 5th grader users on here. Not all but I would say 95% are below the below average in American standards.


Using Popsicle sticks to makes knife handles for school children parents in prison. I like to use my toy drone when ever I can to spy on the old ladies at the retirement community center. Sometimes I get a bowl ice cream and just watch it melt other times it is just to cold out side. Watching movies on mute and adding my own story lines to it in another language. Putting together fake DVDs and selling them on Ebay under my fathers maiden name. Tried laundry dirty money, but to much work and time goes into the reprinting them after. Still writing to female prison inmates on the chance of hooking up with one of them when they finally get out of prison. I like to buy store bought jams and sell them at the flea market as organic at a 400% mark up.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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